2018 Southeast Zone Meet

“Horse Power: 1852-1920”

The 2018 Southeast Zone Meet was held April 13-15 in Gainesville, Florida 

The theme was “Horse Power: 1852-1920”, and was centered around Studebaker’s birth & following success in wagon manufacturing.


Special Awards at the Zone Meet

Special plaque presented to the Cade family in appreciation for all they have done for the Studebaker Drivers Club Chapters in Florida.

Plaque presented to Mrs. Robert Cade by Dave Meachum. 

Studebaker Central Florida Chapter's Dr. Cade Award

The Dr. Cade award is given every year by Studebaker Central Florida Chapter to a deserving member of the host club who personifies Studebaker. This year it was given to Martha Cade for her assistance to all the Studebaker Chapters in Florida.