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Central Florida Chapter History


The first meeting of what was to become the Central Florida Chapter was held on July 9, 1972, coinciding with the first Florida car meet held at the Seminole Plaza in Casselberry, Florida. In attendance were Mr. & Mrs. Robert Miles, Mr. & Mrs. Carl Beckett, Mr. & Mrs. Richard Simmons, Robert Kegebin, Kenneth Perry, Mr. & Mrs. Floyd Holland and their two daughters, Mr. Tony Roth, Mr. M.F. Noffsinger, Mr. McLaughlin, Mrs. Evelyn Schwannecke and Mr. & Mrs. Russell J. Thomas.  

The second meeting was held on October 15, 1972. Mr. John Ernst was in attendance and presented Russell the new chapter charter.  

The next meeting was the official first meeting of the newly chartered Central Florida Chapter of the Studebaker Drivers Club on January 24, 1973.   

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The National Studebaker Drivers Club


The Studebaker Drivers Club was founded on August 6, 1962 by the late Harry Barnes along with Norah Barnes, Tony Caralla, Harold E. Kraft, Arthur J. McIntyre, Ronald L. Nelson & Robert E. Schaffrath.The purpose of the Studebaker Drivers Club (SDC) was, and continues to be, to honor the Studebaker automobile and all of the Studebaker-related products. 

You don't have to own a Studebaker in order to join the Studebaker Drivers Club, you just have to have an interest in them. Of course, if you own a Studebaker vehicle, whether factory stock or modified, you'll really benefit from an SDC membership, not the least of which is a subscription to our award-winning monthly magazine, Turning Wheels.  Click here for more on Turning Wheels magazine.

We invite you join our more than 12,500 members around the world. You can join the SDC either securely online 24/7 or by mail. Click here for more membership information. 

Studebaker Drivers Club International and Zone Meets


The SDC sponsors an annual International Meet where Studebaker owners from across North America bring their Studebakers and families for a week of fun, showing their vehicles, sharing information and memories, and even participate in concours judging. The SDC International Meets are hosted by a local SDC chapter and held in various locations. Click here for more information on upcoming International Meets.

In addition, the SDC is organized into several zones, each zone having an annual Zone Meet that attracts Studebakers from across their area and beyond.  Like the International Meet, all Zone Meets offer a number of activities, as well as a "display only" and concours judged car show. Click here to look at the schedule for upcoming SDC Zone Meets.

Central Florida Chapter Member Passings


Friends that have gone on

  The Studebakers Drivers Club is all about the people who own, drive, and/or love all things Studebaker. Every Studebaker enthusiast is one of our own -- a comrade who shares our passion for this remarkable brand and its rich heritage. Through local SDC chapter events, zone meets and international meets, we have come to know and respect our fellow enthusiasts.    

When one of our own passes on, we all pause to honor them for their contributions to our hobby. Below is a list of our fellow Central Florida Chapter members that have passed on. In addition, you will find remembrances of their time with us. If you would like to submit a name or a remembrance, please use the form on our contact page.  

Myra Smith, beloved wife Of Lifetime Member Geoff Smith.

Dee Fisher, beloved wife of Ed Fisher

Russ Fragoman, who leaves behind his wife Cheryl and 2 sons, Nick and Jeff

I knew Russ and his son better than some of the others I guess because of all the work he did to help make our state meet one of the best. Russ, Nick, Jeff took all the pictures of all the cars and put them on the plaques.

Russ also got us started in the toy world of Studebakers, he got us set up with Buddy Freddy's for meeting where we always get 1 or 2 new members.

When Wilber took over as editor and told everyone he needed input, Russ was one of the 1st to supply an article. I remember at one meeting in Oldsmar I think Russ kept telling Jeff to crank harder as he was making homemade ice cream. Myra and Dee and all the ladies made sure we always had the best hospitality room.


Dr. Allen J. (Doc) Simonson beloved friend and longtime member.

 It is with a heavy heart that we report to all of Doc’s friends, that he passed away on Thursday, May 26,2016, at his home in East Orange, NJ. 

 He was a snow bird and had a condo in Clearwater. We first met Doc in 1990, at a Studebaker State Meet in Clearwater.  He owned 3 or 4 Studebakers at that time.  He had joined the Studebaker Drivers Club on January 1, 1968.  At the time of his death, he had just one car, which was his 1966 Daytona, 2 door hardtop.  Early on he would try to be in Clearwater for our State Meets and always gave generously to our club.  In the last few years, he had many health issues.

 Doc had a great love of sports, especially of his Alma Mater, Rutgers University, from which he graduated in 1950.  He also had a Law Degree, Newark, 1953.  He taught at several different universities for 35 years-in addition to his undergraduate Political Science degree from Rutgers, he also had a law degree from Rutgers, but his field of expertise/interest was marketing-not law-at Seton Hall, Upsala College, and Montclair State University. Doc supported a number of Rutgers scholarships in the sports of baseball, men’s crew and lacrosse. 

 Doc always gave himself a catered birthday party at a club in NJ and in 2008, when he turned 80, we made the trip north to attend the party.  It was quite an event with numerous dignitaries from Rutgers, scholarship recipients and friends attending.  In his birthday announcement from last year, where he had invited approximately 75 people to the event, his theme read “87! Not Ready For Heaven.”  Guess God had other plans, Doc.

 In loving memory of our dear friend,
Sue and Dave Meachum  

Special Awards at the 2018 FL State Meet


Special plaque presented to the Cade family in appreciation for all they have done for the Studebaker Drivers Club Chapters in Florida.

Plaque presented to Mrs. Robert Cade by Dave Meachum. 


Studebaker Central Florida Chapter's Dr. Cade Award

The Dr. Cade award is given every year by Studebaker Central Florida Chapter to a deserving member of the host club who personifies Studebaker. This year it was given to Martha Cade for her assistance to all the Studebaker Chapters in Florida.